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Generally, Pokemon are better for in-game use if they help the player beat the game faster. Pokemon with better attack stats can finish battles more quickly, and therefore are generally better than Pokemon with worse attack stats. Tyrantrum's attack stats are better than Aurorus's, so Tyrantrum is usually better for in-game use than Aurorus is.

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It depends on your choice. Tyruntrum is a good offensive Pokemon, and Aurorus seems like defensive. But Aurorus has 4× weaknesses to Steel and fighting, so Aurorus sucks against them. Aurorus has 4 resistances and 6 weaknesses. While Tyruntrum has 5 resistances and 6 weaknesses. Aurorus has freeze-dry, which is also super effective against water and it has Refrigerate, that makes normal moves into ice-moves and let Aurorus receive stab and 30 or 20% boost power. Also, Snow warning let blizzard to 100 acc. While Tyruntrum has access to rock head, that prevents recoil from recoil moves, such as Head smash. Also, Strong Jaw works great, It make fang moves more powerful. And Tyruntrum can use dragon dance, that make Tyruntrum a powerful sweeper with Rock head or strong jaw.
I would prefer Tyruntrum. But remember that There are no better.

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Of course there is a "better". For in-game use, offensive Pokemon like Tyrantrum are better than defensive Pokemon like Aurorus.
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Personally, I think Tyrantrum is better, as Aurorus is 4x weak to Steel, as mentioned above, and Tyrantrum can learn Dragon Dance through breeding:

Tyrantrum @Hard Stone
Ability: Rock Head
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP
Nature: Adamant
Dragon Dance (epic stat move)
Head Smash (270 power + no recoil = epic!)
Earthquake (killing things)
Iron Head (coverage for Ice and Fairy types)

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Breeding for a move is probably the worst thing you can do for beating the game, as it's probably faster to beat the game with an Aurorus than with a dragon dance Tyrantrum. Otherwise, this answer looks good.