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What is your team and what game are you playing on
I'm pretty sure Espeon is better in all the games where they're both obtainable.

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Espeon. Because of Magic Bounce and his great stats, he surpasses Sylveon by far. Sylveon's Pixilate is also a very good ability, especially combined with Hyper Voice, but Espeon can carry HP Fire and counter Ferrothorn suprisingly well. Of course, Ferrothorn, or Fortress, or any Pokémon won't stay in to an Espeon, so you could predict the switch and use Calm Mind. The most common set, and the smogon suggested set is the choice scarf trick set. Sylveon's awkward stat distribution and terrible speed kills it. Sylveon's stat distribution doesn't suit it well, and Hyper Voice is pretty much the only pixilate move you can use.

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The question was tagged "in-game-team". Anything about hidden abilities or Ferrothorn is pretty irrelevant here.
Choice scarf trick (Encore set)????
This is in-game, where do you find it competitive smogon?
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Espeon has good speed and special attack, letting it sweep in most battles and finish them quickly. Sylveon's speed is much worse, so if you use Sylveon, then you'll spend more time waiting for the opponent to move before you get to. This is why Espeon is generally better for in-game use.

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Sylveon: Sylveon is one of the best clerics in competitive, but not in in-game. Thanks to its Fairy typing, it can kill powerful Dragon, Dark, and Fighting type Pokemon. Also, It has a good special attack and special defense, but it has a low speed of 65. It also has access to Hyper Voice, Dazzling Gleam, and Heal Bell, which allow it to hit through substitute, both opponents, and get rid of damaging status conditions. Additionally, it can take most special attacks. However, some physical attackers and Poison-Steel type like Scizor and Tentacruel can KO Sylveon quickly. And his speed stat are not good.

Espeon: Espeon has a fantastic ability named Magic Bounce, which allows it to send status attacks such as Toxic and Roar back to the opponent's team, but unfortunately, It's hard to get a HA Pokemon in in-game, but Synchronize also works great. It can pass status conditions like burn and poison to its foe. Espeon has a super Special Attack and Speed of 130 and 110. Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, Shadow ball are awesome special moves with Espeon. While Espeon has a decent Special Defense that allows it to take a few special attacks, especially alongside Morning Sun. Similarly to Sylveon, who has weaknesses to Steel and Poison type moves, Espeon also has two weaknesses, being weak to Dark- and Ghost-type moves. But it has pretty low HP and Defense that makes Espeon easy to kill.

Both are good, but I would prefer Espeon.

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Do u mean sylveon is weak to steel and poison
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Sylveon can learn Moonblast. 'nuff said.

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Espeon can learn psyshock. How is moonblast better than psyshock?
Wut? If a pokemon could learn moonblast and has a base 15 SpA, would you still use moonblast?