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Can't decide. Can some of you also include movesets? thanks :)

But which one is better, in competitive?
One's a part-Dark-type and the other's a part-Fairy-type.
What format are you asking about?

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Personally, I think Mimikyu is better, as it has access to lots of extremely good moves, such as Play Rough, Shadow Claw, and Drain Punch:

Mimikyu @Leftovers
Ability: Disguise
EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 4 HP
Nature: Adamant
Play Rough
Shadow Claw
Drain Punch
Wood Hammer/Pain Split

It also only has two weaknesses.

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But, Spiritomb has only one weakness, provided you don't eliminate its immunity to Fighting by using Odor Sleuth/Foresight or if it's facing against a Pokémon with the Scrappy ability.
Spiritomb is bad because 1. It is simply too slow to be any offensive threat, so it relies on sucker punch. 2. It has no reliable ghost type attacks. 3. It is defensively hindered by a low HP stat.