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The website says: It dives at foes, and then attacks with devastating kicks.

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Game Freak logic
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The answer is undoubtedly Game Freak Logic. However, if you take a look at some of the kicking moves, it kind of makes sense why Talonflame can't learn them.

  • Blaze Kick - This one should be on it, but it seems to be reserved for Fighting types. Only Hitmonlee, Blaziken, Infernape, and Lucario can learn it.
  • Double Kick - Yeah, I got nothing for this. It should be able to learn it.
  • Jump Kick - This one makes perfect sense. If Talonflame missed, it wouldn't crash; it'd just fly away.
  • High Jump Kick - Same thing.
  • Low Kick - This move is supposed to be a tripping move, where a heavier foe would fall harder, and hurt themselves more. It might be difficult to trip an opponent while flying past them.
  • Mega Kick - It's a bird. How much power can he have?
  • Rolling Kick - It's flying, not spinning. It could do a barrel roll, but that's not really what it means.
  • Triple Kick - It doesn't have three feet.
  • Trop Kick - It's not a grass type.

Those are all the "kick" moves I could find...

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thanks and actualy pokemon with 2 legs get triple kick but its a bird
just pheromosa. but she's a type of bug, and all of their limbs are their legs.