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I mean it can be number +4, but the lowest.
And what types are they?
Can anyone make the title more clear?

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Are you trying to ask whats the lowest number of moves that cover all types bar stuff like Tynamo?
What? can you re-word that sir?
Are you joking?
If you mean supereffective coverage there's a question on that: https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/234911/what-least-amount-types-that-cover-types-super-effectively. Though it is out of date, since it was released before Gen 7. And Eelektross can be hit with supereffective ground type attacks if under the effects of gravity/mold breaker.
I just found out that it's possible to do it with 8 attacks if you use freeze-dry.

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Ok. Here goes:

"Which types provide the best coverage against all Pokemon, excluding the Tynamo line? (more than four types possible)"

The four best coverage types:

Ground, Flying, Electric, and Fighting. With those four, there are only a few types that you can't hit super-effectively:


There are a few Type COMBINATIONS that you can't hit super-effectively:

Bug/Rock ((For Example) Armaldo, Crustle)
Bug/Steel (Scizor, Durant, Forretress)
Electric/Flying (Thundurus)
Dark/Psychic (Malamar)
Dark/Ghost (Sableye, Spiritomb)
Water/Ground (Swampert, Seismitoad, Wooper)
Water/Dragon (Kingdra, Palkia)

Steel Will hit Fairy, as well as Bug/Rock.
Dark hits Psychic and Ghost.
Ice hits Dragon and Ground, as well as Electric/Flying.

Grass kills Swampert and company, while Fairy kills the Dark/Ghost and the Dark/Psychics. Fire hits the Steel/Bug Types.

Source: PokemonDB's type coverage checker.

In conclusion, the types you will need are:
and Fairy.

Hope this helps.


Edit: Got rid of two other possible questions, which turned out to not be the right ones.
(Thanks to sumwun for correcting me instead of downvoting me.)

Edit #2: Added Steel, Dark, and Ice types to my conclusion.

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You forgot ice, dark, and steel in your conclusion. Also, your answer might still not be right because you assumed that you needed all four of the types from that other question. You might not need them.
Rabat, I fixed my answer.
Also, I came up with ground/fighting/electric/ice. But, shedinja can't be hit with those types.
sumwun, all of the types are needed. I just went through the type checker a second time, to make sure. Ground is the only thing that hits pure fire types from the types I chose, electric hits fire/flying, flying hits bug/fire (volcarona) fighting hits normal types, fire hits bug/steel. Grass hits water/ground, Dark hits psychics, ice hits electric/flying, and fairy hits water/dragon.
But what if it was possible to come up with a different combination of types (like something that included rock) so you didn't need electric to hit fire flying or flying to hit bug fire?
It is possible.
Bro, it is so unlikely...
Anyway, I will make sure. If it takes a YEAR, I will get the answer.
And yeah, it will take a while.

If it turns out I was right all along, I'll be expecting an additional upvote.
You are right, I just checked. PM has improved Type Coverage Checker
+1 Upvote.
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It is possible to cover all existing Pokémon by having a Pokémon that can learn soak and a grass/electric type move. This even includes the tynamo line.

What if they have Magic Bounce or multitype? This doesn’t cover Mega Diancie, Mega Absol, Mega Sableye, Arceus, and (I think) Silvally. It also doesn’t work against Pokémon with Storm Drain and Water Absorb, I believe.
Basculin has mold breaker and soak, so it can against magic bounce. Idk about areceus and silvally.
Oh wait it has no grass or electric move. Still works in doubles or something tho, or switching out
Or in older gens hidden power