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Which one is better? Cloyster or Gyarados?


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Curious about this downvote.
it really depends on what you are using them for. Both answers are good, but if you need a wall, then they are both wrong.
What are you using this for?
in game or competitive because some Pokemon like Jolteon are good competitive but not in game.

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Both Gyarados and Cloyster have their advantages and disadvantages.

  • Has reasonably good defensive typing (only two weaknesses, but a double weakness to Electric) and good STAB coverage
  • Overall good offensive and defensive stats, but relatively slow even in its mega form
  • Useful ability Intimidate and good setup move Dragon Dance
  • Can Mega Evolve and gain a massive 155 Attack, as well as the ability Mold Breaker


  • Good offensive typing, but Ice type is poor defensively
  • Reasonably good attack and very good defense, but its special defense leaves it very vulnerable
  • Can use Shell Smash to set up, and then use Icicle Spear in combined with Skill Link to be a very powerful sweeper

Gyarados is overall better, but don't underestimate Cloyster's ability to sweep.

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Gyarados has two useful abilities, Moxie and Intimidate. It also has Dragon Dance, a great move for sweeping. It is also a good defensive Pokemon, and it can easily take some hits from Greninja and Swampert. It also has access to mega evolution, which make it more powerful. It can learn Waterfall, Earthquake, and many other good moves.
You may wish to use Cloyster for Skill Link and Shell Smash, but I think Gyarados is more useful.