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I have this torchic with speed boost and I am unsure if it is possible to have since Pokemon banned soft reseting for special Pokemon.

As you would say “grammer and speeling iss Teri ble”.

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Well, this question is ridiculous. So let me go through this (Because my OCD went off) :P

Can starters become HA? Better wording: Can starters' ability change to HA?
No, Pokemon cannot change their abilities. Pokemon can use their alternate non-hidden abilities via ability capsule.

Can Starters have a HA?
If it has been released: For example, the Alolan starters HA's were unavailable until a recent distribution via Pokemon bank. Other ways HA starters (or Pokemon in general) have been received are: events (like HA Torchic), breeding ones that already have HA, transferring most Pokemon from the GBA VGCs to Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon will result in them having an HA (works for all starters), Dream Radar, and Friend Safari (all Pokemon in Friend Safari have a chance to have an HA, and there are various starter Pokemon available in it).

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Yes, It is possible. When XY released, Torchic was given out with Speed boost. Also, Torchic and Mudkip were distributed in an event.
You can get HA starters from Friend Safari, Events, Pokebank.

When was the Mudkip event?
Yeah, but Damp Mudkip sucks anyways
Would rather have my Torrent one :P
Mainly in Gen 3. No Aftermath, no mind bloe