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Including legendaries and mythical Pokemon, which Pokemon have the highest base speed, HP, Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, Attack, Defense and overall stat?

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If You Would Like To Know The Non-Legendary/Mythical Version I Can Tell You!
HP: Blissey
Attack: Mega Heracross
Defense: Mega Aggron/Mega Steelix/ Shuckle
Special Attack: Mega Alakazam
Special Defense: Shuckle
Speed: Ninjask
Total: Mega Salamence

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HP: Blissey
Physical attack: mega Mewtwo X
Physical defense: tie between mega Steelix, Shuckle, and mega Aggron
Special attack: mega Mewtwo Y
Special defense: Shuckle
Speed: speed Deoxys
Total: tie between mega Mewtwo and mega Rayquaza

Which mega Mewtwo for the total?
It's both Megas of Mewtwo, dude.