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In the ORAS movie/scene before the title screen, is it always brendan riding the bike or can it be may? Ive played omega ruby and alpha sapphire as the boy and girl character and its been the boy every time I watch the intro scene. if it can be both what decides who it is? latias and latios in the same scene depend on version so idk

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No, it's not always Brendan in the bike riding scene. If you watch the intro all of the way through without pushing start or A, the intro will restart. In the second intro, May is riding the bike.

I hope that was helpful!

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Yes it is always Brendan in both Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire It might be because most Pokemon fans are boys so that might be why the intro is like that or maybe Gamefreak did not want to label OR as a Boy game and AS as a girl game (Since when kids see a specific gender or color in the game intro they might think it's for that certain gender and sadly this angers many young children) so that most likely why hope that helped!

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