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I used action replay, many years ago, to walk through walls in Sinnoh. I noticed that when I did this there would sometimes be puddles just in the middle of a bunch of forest. I'm sure that they were in more than one place, but the only location that sticks out in my mind is a puddle near Snowpoint City.

The game designers liked puddles.
Maybe Sky Pillar was made of Pervious Concrete and someone spilled water on it.
Maybe they copy/pasted the area from a different location and didn't edit out the puddles that were from the original location because it was inaccessible? Or maybe it was a location they used to test the programming and just didn't bother to cut it out? I doubt you have a picture of it if it did happen years ago. Though I have heard of things like this before.

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it is because it doesn't matter to the game I once ″co designed″a game you could say and the game designers aren't naive they know what some players enjoy doing on there games illegal or not. And so in final touches they do stuff like that Pokemon is modeled after an open world kind of frame so with there success it only makes sense to add more detail for some of the more unruly players if you will. and it seems like it worked if you still remember it way back then seems like something odd for the old games oh well for the first game theres a cheat to beat it in 59 seconds lol. (my record is 1:08!!!)