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I mean this in the sense that it works with there ability, base stats, and overall performance. To the point where you could have Bullet Punch & Vacuum Wave but still maintain a powerful Pokemon more specifically the best out of the Pokemon that fit the above criteria.
This only applies with moves like Extreme Speed or Aqua Jet for example

This is for competitive, right? If yes, what format?
Would it not vary from the priority move itself (like the best user of quick attack is very different from bullet punch and so on) Also, this is format dependant.

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As a Bug/Steel Pokemon, Scizor's single weakness of fire types is already amazing. Being able to learn Bullet Punch brings it to a whole new level, plus the ability Technician makes you wonder why you never used it before:
Bullet Punch (base 40 power)
plus Technician (x 1.5 boost)
plus STAB (x 1.5 boost) 90 power straight away.
Then give it a choice band to boost further and bring it to a devastating 135 power. This would be my ideal set:

Scizor @Choice Band
Ability: Technician
Evs: 252Atk 252Spe 4HP
Nature: Adamant
Ivs: 0 SpA
Bullet Punch
Bug Bite
Knock Off

I have seen Scizor wreak havoc in Competetive, and dominate entire teams. Add in the fact it can Mega Evolve, and it's design is TOTALLY BAD*SS then you got yourself a winner!

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Arceus-Normal uses priority move most effectively.

  • It has Sword Dance, that raises its attack by two stages.
  • It has Recover for healing and Refresh for curing status problem.
  • Then it uses Extreme Speed (80 base power) and sweep everything.
  • For hitting ghost types, it has shadow claw.
  • And Earthquake hits Steel and Rock types.
    (Steel and Rock ressist normal moves).
  • Every of its stat is 120.
  • It gets STAB Extreme Speed.
  • It has only one weakness.

If you dislike using Uber Pokemon, then Mega-Scizor.
- It has Technician, that boosts its Bullet Punch.
- It has Roost.
- It also has Sword Dances.
- It gets STAB bullet punch.
- Its attack stat is 150, better than Arceus.
- It has 140 Defense, bulkier than Arceus.
- U-Turn, A good move for switching out to Heatran.
- Because it is 4x weak to fire, it is paired with Heatran, because Heatran has Flash Fire. It raise fire moves power by 1.5x when hit by a fire move. Fire immunity.

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Oh yeqh i forgot about arceus
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Well, the strongest Pokemon to learn a priority move is mega rayquazza, but it isn't the most viable option. Mamoswine is good in priority because it has stealth rock and leans ice shard, making up for low speed. However, scizor easily takes the cake. Yes, mamoswine may have higher attack but scizor has a mega with ever high attack than mamoswine and is able to run a choice band which makes it even more powerful as well as technician powering up bullet punch.

Overall, scizor is the best by a long shot. Hope I helped!

Takes the cake..... haha
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