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Magneton is made from three Magnemites.
Metagross is made from two Metangs, and Metang is made from two Beldums
So are there any more Pokemon like that?

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  1. Magneton: Made from 3 Magnemites.
  2. Slowbro: Made from Slowpoke and Shellder.
  3. Slowking: Made from Slowpoke and Shellder.
  4. Both normal and Alolan Dugtrio: Made from three Diglett.
  5. Dodrio: According to its Pokédex,

    One of DODUO's 2 heads splits to form a unique species.
    It's made from one of Doduo's head.

  6. Exeggutor: According to its Pokédex,

    It is called “The Walking Jungle.” If a head grows too big, it falls off and becomes an EXEGGCUTE
    This means Exeggutor made from three Exeggcute.

  7. Weezing: According to its Pokédex,

    Where two kinds of poison gases meet, 2 KOFFINGs can fuse into a WEEZING over many years.
    Weezing is two Koffing.

  8. Steelix: According to its Pokédex,

    It is said that if an ONIX lives for over 100 years, its composition changes to become diamond-like.

Steelix is an Onix.
9. Metagross and Metang: Two Metang and two Beldum.
10. Combee: According to its Pokédex,
> A Pokémon formed by three others.

  1. Vanilluxe: According to its Pokédex,
    > Vanilluxe is born when two Vanillish, half-melted by the day’s light, stick to each other and freeze together in the cold return of night.

  2. Amoonguss: Its name means "A foongus among us". This means Amoonguss has a Foongus.

  3. Klinklang: although it's not mentioned it's a Klang or Klink anywhere, it looks like a Klang and Klink.

  4. Hydreigon and Zweilous: Again, it's not mentioned they are a Deino, they look like three and two deino.

  5. Diancie: Its pokedex says,
    > A sudden transformation of Carbink, its pink, glimmering body is said to be the loveliest sight in the whole world.

  6. Barbacle: Its Omega Ruby Pokédex,
    > When they evolve, two Binacle multiply into seven. They fight with the power of seven Binacle.

Sorry if I have missed anything.

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except for the steelix -> onix, nice answer
You could say the "Steelix is made from an Onix" for just about any evolved Pokemon.
do you mean slowbro, not slowpoke there? Because it says a slowpoke is made from a shellder and a slowpoke
I disagree with your reasoning of saying that Amoonguss is made up of Foongus.