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If there are any please list them in your answer.

Idk why you’re on a bad question spree all of a sudden
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Actualy, a rayquazza with dragon ascent can use a z-move but wont be able to mega evolve. We don't know why but I think mega ray with a z-move would be too overpowered. It only has the z-move option, not the mega evolution option.
Source: http://youtu.be/hQOQFKSmXSw

A ditto that has transformed into a mega evolution has the option but then it says there is no useable move.
Source: https://youtu.be/ngPl41Q6lwU

Almost any random Pokemon can't use alola raichu's signiture z-move, surge sparksurfer, because they aren't alola raichu. But thoxe random Pokemon can still use the electric z move, gigavolt havoc, if they have an electric move, so they don't count.This was just an example. The same could be said for any signiture z move and almost every Pokemon.

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Hackmons only breaks the teambuilding rules. All battle mechanics stay the same. Besides, I can't try this in Anything Goes because Rayquazas with Z-crystals can't mega evolve in that format, so it's impossible to test a mega Rayquaza holding a Z-crystal.
Well there is your answer
Ray with z crystal cant mega evolve and therefore making mega rayquazza unable to use a z move
Mega Rayquaza can use Z-moves if it wasn't mega evolved from a base form Rayquaza.
That is still not legitimately possible to achieve in the games, so, as of right now, no one can legitimately have Mega Rayquaza Use a Z-Move in game.
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No. Any Pokémon can use a Z-Move as long as they have a compatible Z-Crystal and a compatible move. It even will work if the Pokémon's ability is Klutz. Source

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Actually, this is wrong. A Pokémon with Giga Impact holding the Snorlium Z that isn’t Snorlax won’t be able to use Pulverising Panking, or Breakneck Blitz. Please edit that in
No duh. Of course Pokémon can't use a Z-Move if they hold a Z-Crystal exclusive to a different Pokémon. That Pokémon that isn't Snorlax can still use a Z-Move if they hold Normalium-Z.
I edited it in that the Z-Crystal must also be compatible. :P