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I’m trying to RNG shiny Pokémon, but I need my SID. Unfortunately, I don’t want to hack/can’t hack. Is there any way to get my SID with no hacks? I’m kinda desperate at this point.

Catch a Pokémon. Trade it to someone who can hack and veiw your SID. Make sure they tell you what it is.
There used to be guides for this on Smogon, but I guess they've been replaced by guides about using RNG abuse to get whatever SID you want. Maybe you should try that. https://www.smogon.com/ingame/rng/
what is SID?
SID is you Secret Trainer ID, Olli; you need it to generate/hack Pokemon into your game
I thought your not supposed to talk about hacking on this site?
That's exactly why it says, "without hacking".

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To my knowledge there is no way to find your secret ID without hacking or downloading any extra software.

You can probably find it out via RNG abuse.
No use RNG abusing if you still can't find SID
No matter how much you RNG it won't tell you your SID
RNG abuse is (like) math. If you had 1 eraser on your left side and 1 eraser on your right side, then you know you have 2 on both sides even though nobody ever told you. RNG abuse works the same way. If you know what time you generated the SID, then you can figure out what your SID is.