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How I can I beat a starmie level 20 ?A bellsprout level 17 can beat it? What is the best Pokemon against starmie ?

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In-game or competitive? If in-game, whose Starmie are you trying to beat?

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To be honest, it depends on how much thinking actually went into the movesets. For instance, if it’s a new game and you (pretty much) only have a weak power STAB move, Bellsprout will most likely be victorious. However, if Starmie has TMs available, it could easily win with a STAB Psychic. Also, do you mind clarifying if it’s an in-game enemy or a real person?
If the former, I think the ninja plant should win.

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is psychic not psycic
Dang autocorrect!  Never works when you need it but always when you don’t...
A meoth with bite move (dark type is effective against physic) is a better choice ?
I only answered the question, there are a million better ways to counter a Starmie.  For instance, a Shiftry would be a double STAB counter.
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as long as bellsprout has a grass attacking move it should be able to beat starmie , if it doesent just keep leveling it up.

Be warned that Starmie's STAB Psychic-type moves and Non-STAB Ice-type moves can possibly KO Bellsprout due to its low Defensive stats. Also, Bellsprout can learn Leech Life as an egg move, Knock-Off as a level-up move as well as a Move Tutor move, and Thief through TM.
but if starmie use ice beam grass pokemon are weak
If starmie is lvl 20 in game not competetive it shouldnt have an ice move or egg moves.
The Ice-type moves I mentioned are TMs.
thanks for help .I play a hack rom and starmie has ice beam ,bubble and recover
Ah ok , then unless you are very lucky your bellsprout wont be able to beat it