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I don't get it. I get it has lots of good Pokemon but still.

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ETN isn't wrong, but there's some more that deserves mention:

  • OU has a history as the highest tier. Ubers was formally considered a banlist, not a tier, until the AG reform in Gen 6 -- and for a time, you'd go to OU to play the highest functional metagame.
  • Smogon has stated itself that OU is its 'fundamental' tier. Everything else stems from it: Ubers was originally its banlist, UU was made for stuff that wasn't good enough, RU came from that, etc.
  • OU can be considered the most 'standard' environment. It has few restrictions besides the obvious legendary Pokemon. This makes attractive as a starting point.
  • OU is most similar to the official Battle Spot format, which makes it approachable for Showdown converts. In many respects it is also a better format than Battle Spot, as it is balanced readily.
  • RU, NU and PU have less of a chance, as they have not existed for nearly as long as the others. They were introduced in Gen 5, 3 and 6 respectively.
  • Popularity builds on itself. The biggest metagames get the most discussion and the most attention. As a new player, it is enticing to simply play what everyone else does.
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It’s because it contains the most popular Pokémon that people like to use, attracting many new and experienced users. It offers freeedom, but not enough that you’d find Groudons and Kyogres everywhere. Also, OU isn’t the most popular tier, randoms is.

Randoms isn't a tier, it is a format. Official Tiers include Ubers, OU, UU RU, NU, PU, and LC. :P