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My current team is: (all lv. 50)

Typhlosion (Cut, Strength)
Ampharos (Flash)
Lugia (Fly, Waterfall)

Gyarados (Surf, Whirlpool)
Snorlax (Surf)

I’m not a big fan of Gyarados, but I’ll need to teach Whirlpool to another Pokemon. I know I have two Fire type Pokemon, but Typhlosion and Ninetales are my all time favorite Pokemon.

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Use Gyarados because Snorlax is harder to find.
I have both Gyarados and Snorlax, I just don’t know which one to use.
In that case, Snorlax might be better because it gets STAB when using return.
Instead of Gyarados, Quagsire would be the best option for its typing, and resistances.

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All of your team is weak to rock and/or ground except for Espeon and Lugia(ground). Gyarados can cover both with water-type moves like Surf.

Gyarados's base stat total is 540, which is the same as Snorlax's, but Gyarados has a 4x weakness to electric, try to cover that.

If you're looking for outside-of-battle advice, I don't know what to tell ya :P

Gyarados's special attack stat is garbage. Don't try letting it use surf in battles.
I agree with sumwun. try teaching Waterfall.
All water attacks were special until Generation 4.
Oh, i almost forgot.
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Here are four options I recommend:

  1. Have Snorlax. You said you hate Gyarados, and I am pretty sure the only time you will need Whirlpool in GSC is when you're going to Kanto. So get the one from the Lake of Rage, teach it Whirlpool, get to Kanto, and box it away.
  2. Take out Espeon, since you have Lugia as a psychic, and use both Snorlax and Gyarados.
  3. You probably won't like this one, but take out Ninetales and use both Snorlax and Gyrados on your team.
  4. You could also get Poliwrath. I have one for Crystal and it is a big help being Water and Fighting. It can also learn Whirlpool.
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