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Which Pokemon should I add to my party? (I NEED speed)

Dragonite item: quick claw
Dragon Claw (STAB) and in triple battles its better than Outrage
Thunderpunch (Coverage)
Waterfall (Coverage)
Fly (STAB)


Salamence Item:??
Dragon Claw (STAB)
Iron Tail (covers ice and rockk weaknesses)
Crunch (Coverage)
Aerial Ace (STAB+great accuracy
and has better speed than Dragonite

Who should I choose(:

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By the way, Quick Claw is banned.

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This depends on the team you build around it. However, I prefer Dragonite because:

  • A MUCH bigger movepool, coverange and STAB both better.
  • He's bulkier; giving a tanky feel to him.
  • Other than his improvable speed, he's totally baws.

Basically, Dragonite is bulkier and 135 to 134 base Attack is tiny. Salamence is less bulky and faster with a bad movepool, but Dragonite is bulky with a large movepool, but due to speed it will struggle fighting other dragons faster than itself. That's why Scarfing it isn't a bad idea. Dragonite's Multiscale ability comes to great use in OU, protecting it from many OHKO attack giving it a chance to attack and switch. Salamence also has an ability of it's own; Moxie allows it to become very hard to kill once Moxie heats up. The choice is yours, they are pretty different other than their type and vital Attack stat.

See their info yourself, see if you can build a set:
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what do you mean by bulkier?
Decently high and balanced Defensive stats that Salamence lacks.
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Salamence had a great speed. so I would go to salamence

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I'd go with Salamence, but instead of iron tail go with earthquake

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Ok so here is the comparison. First off, abilities.

So Dragonite has a decent ability Inner Focus, this can be handy for use ingame agaist those few pesky Fake Out users. He also has the dreamworld ability Multiscale. This is insanely useful in the metagame because it allows him to survive many would be KOs!

Salamence has the great ability Intimidate! This is sop useful against any physical attacker both in the metagame and ingame. His dreamworld ability is absolutely outstanding! Moxie!!! After you have KOed on you get a free +1 in attack making you a more and more dangerous sweeper and an even more dangerous Choice Scarf Revenge Killer.

Next Up, Stats.

Dragonite has a rather low HP stat at 91, but that is made up for in is exceptional defenses. His 95 Base Defense and his 100 Base Special Defense make him a rather bulky sweeper. His speed is rather lacking, but his true niche come out with his attack stat. 134 Base Attack is awesome! And his 100 base SpA is also a decent stat.

Salamence sports an amazing 135 Attack stat and a great 100 Speed stat. Unfortunely, his defenses are weaker than dragonites which does not allow him to stay as long nor become a bulky sweeper. And he can also go mixed with his 110 base SpA stat.


Dragonite wins this by a mile! It may seem that they have almost the same movepools but Dragonite's is better in a few neat ways. First he has access to Hurricane, his most powerful STAB flying move. This is great because he is so often used on rain teams sporting both Thunder and Hurricane. He can use may status move because of his Multiscale ability. He also has access to Super Power, the Elemental Punshes, and ExtremeSpeed!

Salamence's movepool may seem huge but he is actually rather limited. His mediocre defenses do not allow him to do much excpt attack causing him to not be able to use a good chunk of his moves.


Here are two super useful sets for Dragonite.

Dragonite @ Life Orb
252 Atk/ 4 Def/ 252 Spe

Fire Punch
Aqua Tail

Dragonite (Rain)@ Leftovers
252 HP/ 4Def/ 252 SpA



Salamence @ Choice Scarf
252 Atk/ 4 SpA/ 252 Spe

Dragon Claw
Brick Break

Salamence @ Life Orb
252 Atk/ 4 Def/ 252 Spe

Dragon Dance
Brick Break

Thats all folks! I hope you can now choose which is best. In my opinion, they are equal(except I like Dragonite more :D)

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dragon dance(boosting)
dragon claw(reliable stab)
E-quake/waterfall(coverage over rock)
Fire punch(covers ice weakness)


Dragon pulse(STAB)
Surf(covers rock)
Ice beam/thunderbolt(coverage)
flamethrower(covers ice)


dragon dance(boosting)
dragon claw(reliable stab)
Stone edge(covers ice)


Dragon pulse(STAB)
Flamethrower(covers Ice)
substitute/focus blast(filler)

so Dragonite has the diverse and reliable movepool while Salamence has a more shallow and hard hitting unreable movepool

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stone edge can be placed by iron tail, that covers ICE and ROCK, dragon pulse is good, hydro pump accuracy and PP isn't very good, if you want a good move-type attack for salamence go it with aqua tail
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Dragonite change waterfall 2 draco meter

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