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i want to do a run using only branch evolution, but i'm not sure which game to do the run in
these are the mons:


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In hoenn wurmple and (maybe) ralts are early game

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Take 2.

Oddish: R,Y,G,S,C,R,S,E,FR,HG,SS,X,Y,OR,AS
Tyrogue: (none)
Eevee: R,B,Y,G,S,C,FR,LG,HG,SS,B2,W2,X,Y,S,M,US,UM
Poliwag: R,B,Y,G,S,C,FR,LG,S,M,US,UM
Slowpoke: G,S,HG,SS,X,Y,S,M,US,UM
Wurmple: R,S,E,D,P,Pt,HG,SS,OR,AS
Ralts: R,S,E,Pt,X,Y,OR,AS,US,UM (requires Island Scan)
Snorunt: (none)

Red/Yellow/Crystal/R/S/E/FireRed/OR/AS/Sun/Moon: 3
Gold/Silver/HG/SS/X/Y/US/UM: 4

You won't be able to get a team of 6 early in any game unless you prepare one in advance. (This is easier with more recent games.) Tyrogue has a 1 in 6 chance of being in an egg in Johto titles, but there's no way of guaranteeing you'll get it unless you're prepared to restart from scratch a few times. Snorunt is available late-game in a handful of titles, so if you're prepared to wait for it, you can work with a smaller team in the beginning and add it later.

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you do realize to obtain some of those pokemon, you need to catch kyogure/groudon first. thats like after the 7th gym.
"After the player has defeated Groudon/Kyogre, Pokémon from outside the Hoenn Pokédex will begin appearing as hidden Pokémon."- bulbapedia
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