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i want to do a run using only branch evolution, but i'm not sure which game to do the run in
these are the mons:


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In hoenn wurmple and (maybe) ralts are early game

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Take 2.

Oddish: R,Y,G,S,C,R,S,E,FR,HG,SS,X,Y,OR,AS
Tyrogue: (none)
Eevee: R,B,Y,G,S,C,FR,LG,HG,SS,B2,W2,X,Y,S,M,US,UM
Poliwag: R,B,Y,G,S,C,FR,LG,S,M,US,UM
Slowpoke: G,S,HG,SS,X,Y,S,M,US,UM
Wurmple: R,S,E,D,P,Pt,HG,SS,OR,AS
Ralts: R,S,E,Pt,X,Y,OR,AS,US,UM (requires Island Scan)
Snorunt: (none)

Red/Yellow/Crystal/R/S/E/FireRed/OR/AS/Sun/Moon: 3
Gold/Silver/HG/SS/X/Y/US/UM: 4

You won't be able to get a team of 6 early in any game unless you prepare one in advance. (This is easier with more recent games.) Tyrogue has a 1 in 6 chance of being in an egg in Johto titles, but there's no way of guaranteeing you'll get it unless you're prepared to restart from scratch a few times. Snorunt is available late-game in a handful of titles, so if you're prepared to wait for it, you can work with a smaller team in the beginning and add it later.

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Crystal also ties with 5. Crystal gets Oddish, Poliwag, Slowpoke, Eevee, and tyrogue very early on
Slowpoke can only be found at Tohjo Falls in Crystal, post-Champion. Not sure how early Eevee is in Johto games, I think you need to get to Ecruteak first? So you might be able to add a point there. I didn't include Tyrogue in Crystal because it comes from an odd egg, and you only have a small chance of getting it.
Not post-champion, my mistake, but not what I'd call early.
How are Tyrogue, Eevee, Poliwag, and Slowpoke obtainable early in ORAS?
Eevee is on Route 116 and can be caught with the aid of the DexNav. Tyrogue is really hard to come by, and I concede it's quite late (around Fallarbor) that you can first get it, again with the DexNav. I'm not sure how early you can come by the right locations, given it's around level 17. Poliwag and Slowpoke aren't obtainable early in ORAS, nor did I claim as such. ORAS gives you access to Oddish, Tyrogue, Eevee, Wurmple and Ralts.
Of course, for a full team of 6, you might have to prep your team in advance on another game and trade them over, unless you don't mind waiting until late game to add another Pokémon or two.
you do realize to obtain some of those pokemon, you need to catch kyogure/groudon first. thats like after the 7th gym.
"After the player has defeated Groudon/Kyogre, Pokémon from outside the Hoenn Pokédex will begin appearing as hidden Pokémon."- bulbapedia
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