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I was watching some battles on youtube and after the pokemon attacked on some it kept saying the pokemon hung onto its life. what does this mean?

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So it appears my previous answer got hidden.
Again, i would believe it was a life orb, and this time i found a video of a Jolteon getting 10% life orb damage and it says "The foe's JOLTEON hung onto life!"
And i wasn't saying it always says it, but this is probably a rom, maybe translated from a japanese patch so that's why it doesn't say the same on your ds.

At 1:50 in this video.


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Thanks,it took 4 months but I finally got the right answer :-)
You're welcome :)
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That was probably the work of a Focus Sash, Sturdy, Endure, one of the moves that prevent Pokemon from getting Ko'ed although l'm not exactly sure which.

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When it says this, it means that the Pokemon had a Focus Sash, or used any one of the moves that prevent a KO. Basically like MidnightSky said.

Hope this helps =)

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