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Since Gothitelle and Gothorita have been moved to ubers, I was wondering who is the better wall. Sorry if this has been asked before.

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Gothorita is not Ubers. Shadow Tag is.
she got a suspect test and got into ubers
No? Gothitelle and Gothorita are being suspect tested in Ubers, but neither are formally tiered as Uber.
Gothorita has always been untiered, and Gothitelle has been PU since Generation 7 PU was established. They were suspect tested IN Ubers, not below Ubers. A Pokemon can only get into Ubers if it was suspect tested in OU.
As for your question, Gothitelle is probably better because it can outspeed more stuff.

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If you were to run a Gothorita, chances are it would hold an Eviolite, this means you loose a held item like leftovers. Eviolite can also be knocked off, crippling Gothorita. However, thanks to Eviolite Gothorita has higher defense and sp. defense than Gothitelle.

With max evs and ivs at level 100 with a calm nature their defensive stats would look like:

Gothorita (with eviolite) Defense: 358 / Sp. Defense 422
Gothitelle Defense: 289 / Sp. Defense: 350

Gothitelle also has higher speed and HP by 10 points and higher sp. attack by 20 points on its base stats. Gothitelle can also hold an item like Leftovers or Light Clay. Given their hidden ability is Shadow Tag, you might want to economize on that with Toxic. Gothitelle is better suited to do damage with its 95 base sp. attack to speed up Toxic's toll. These Pokemon only have one self healing move; rest, that Gothorita can use this to stall out the opponent, but so can Gothitelle, if less effectively.

Given this analysis I believe that Gothitelle would be the better choice, because it can hold an item and is more versatile. However, if your looking for strait up bulk, go with Gothorita, just watch out for Knock Off, Switcheroo, and Embargo.
Thanks to sumwun for helping me give a more accurate answer!

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That's not how Eviolite works.
Eviolite doesn't change the BASE stat. It only changes the stat after levels, EVs, IVs, and natures are taken into account.
I know, I used the base stats as an example. Apologies if there was any confusion about that. With max evs and ivs at level 100 with a calm nature it would look like:
Gothorita (with eviolite) Defense: 358.5 / Sp. Defense 422.5
Gothitelle  Defense: 289 / Sp. Defense: 350
So Gothorita is more bulky, but once again, at the cost of an item.
That is right. The answer is wrong.
Thanks for your criticism sumwun, it really helped me improve my answer.
I forgot to point out earlier that Pokemon always rounds down, so it would be 358 and 422, not 358.5 and 422.5.
Also, can you please call me "sumwun" and not "Sumwun"? Thanks.
Alright, all well and good getting the right answer. Do it calmly though, please. Literally no need for caps and exclamation marks.
I guess it's just that I've seen that misconception so many times that now I get frustrated when I see it.