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Base please, not including Amulet Coin, Happy Hour, etc.

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Just because the question about black 2 was already asked doesn't mean you can't includes it. So if you are wanting a complete list it would be fine
Ok... But if you're wrong...
Yeah, I've seen that. Thanks, though.
Why do you want to know this? You can just beat the league endlessly to get money while using the "Amulet Coin and other methods".
Don't question his/her/its curiosity.
Apparently it depends on the trainer you're fighting and the level of the last Pokemon in your party (the latter of which I personally think is kinda dumb).
Isn’t it the opposing trainer’s last Pokémon, not yours?
that is correct, thecarnapper5
is it the champion? IDK
Whoops, my bad.

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This answer is missing LGPE information. If you're not okay with this, then just tell me, and I'll convert my answer to a comment.
RBY: rival (as champion)
GSC: Red
RS: Steven
FRLG: rival (after Sevii Islands)
E: Wallace
DP: Cynthia
Pt: Cynthia (after Stark Mountain)
BW: tie, Alder and Cynthia
BW2: tie, Benga, Janna, Jariel
XY: Diantha (Black Writ)
ORAS: Steven
SM: Red
USM: Giovanni

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