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So, someone had a Smeargle, level 1, versus a level 50 Nihilego. Smeargle has 78 base speed, and Nihilego 103, this Nihilego had near perfect IVs too. The opponent used Spore before Nihilego moved.
Is this normal?!

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Were you the Nihilego user? If you were just watching the battle, it’s possible that Nihilego was going to use a negative priority move. The only other reason I can think of is if Smeargle was holding Quick Claw, even though Focus Sash is 100x better.
Smeargle had Focus Shash, I used Nihilego.
Huh. Well then I guess this answer really isn’t conclusive, is it? There’s definitely a chance they might have hacked in something stupidly illegal, like Prankster Smeargle, but I’m not fully convinced that there can’t be some legal explanation to this.
What move did you use
How many Speed EVs did your Nihilego have? It is 100% legal for a level 1 Pokemon to have EVs. What if the Smeargle had 31 Speed IVs and 100 Speed EVs?
@Thunder the actual stat would still be around 5.
In that case, I'm pretty sure was hacked.
Did you save a replay of that battle?
It could be possible for hackers to hack the actual stats of a Pokémon. The level 1 Smeargle could've had a 999 speed stat, or it had Prankster. Or, this is all just a misunderstanding.
I forgot all about Prankster! The Smeagle probably had Prankster.
Smeargle can’t have prankster legitimately.
@TCN5. I know that. The hacker could've gave it Prankster.
what format is this?
@PX, I used Acid Spray.
@sumwun, no I didn't, I didn't want to save a replay of a hacker battle **with stall**, and it was not a PS battle, so I can't show the link.
@TheSmasher1356, it was a normal battle on Pokémon Ultra Sun. I don't know what format they use there, but there was a Chansey with minimize, and only 3 Pokémon, so I think it was AG BST.
I'm 99% sure that the Smeargle is hacked.

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A Level 1 Smeargle with a Jolly Nature, 252 Speed EVs, and 31 Speed IVs has a Speed stat of 7. A Level 50 Nihilego with a Quiet Nature, 0 Speed EVs, and 0 Speed IVs has a Speed stat of 97. Smeargle's only legal abilities are Own Tempo, Technician, and Moody. So there is no way this Smeargle could legitimately outspeed your Nihilego under normal circumstances.

However, here are some possible legitimate exceptions:

  • Trick Room was under effect
  • Smeargle's Quick Claw activated
  • Nihilego was holding a Lagging Tail
  • (assuming that the Smeargle is max speed and the Nihilego is minimum speed): The Smeargle was +6 speed (7x4 = 28), and Nihilego was -6 speed (97x0.25 = 24.25) (doubtful)

Otherwise, this Smeargle was hacked to have the Ability Prankster.

Source: PS! Teambuilder

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Nihilego had very good EVs, the EV vote thing said that it has amazing potential or something. Smeargle had a Focus Sash, and Smeargle didn't boost speed.
eXcess, just to ask, is there a way to report users for hacking Pokémon?
Interesting, I guess the Smeargle is hacked to have Prankster. I'm not sure how to report people, though.
The Pokémon Company finds them eventually. Man, people take things to the extreme. Hacking Pokémon so they always win against others. Disgusting.