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So I decided to do my 3rd run of crystal using a chikorita as a starter, and I realized chikorita makes the game WAAAAAAAAAAAY more difficult. So now I have the team of: bayleef, Slowpoke, Heracross, and eevee. I was thinking of getting a growlithe and getting t bite, but anyway can you guys help me?

Mostly bulbasaur, but you can read the comment if you want.
But umbreon is my fav :(
What's wrong with liking a weak Pokemon?
"a weak Pokemo"
What do I need to pay for? It's not my fault that Umbreon's movepool is so bad.

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Eevee has a slight advantage as it can't be touched (literally) by any of Morty's Pokemon except Gengar however curse can be a problem. I think your Heracross is absolutely outclassed by Morty's Pokemon. Slowpoke is probably your best bet here. If your Eevee knows bite, it can take care of all three of Morty's Pokemon except Gengar. Since Ghost-type moves were physical in gen 2, curse slowpoke with confusion should be enough for his Gengar. However, if you really want to use your other Pokemon, try using this strategy I used when I fought Morty: Foresight Hoothoot/Noctowl. It will enable your Pokemon to easily hit Morty's Pokemon and will unleash your Heracross combined with the low defenses of his Pokemon. Hope I helped:))

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I used a Meowth, but bascially the same thing - a normal with bite
Hoothoot and Heracross are both not that good. Just use Eevee or Slowpoke.
By the way, if something outclasses another thing, that means something does another thing's job better. For example, Heracross and Fearow are both normal attack users. Fearow's normal attacks are stronger than Heracross's, so Fearow outclasses Heracross. Gengar doesn't outclass Heracross because they do different jobs.
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Cubone can be found in Goldenrod City as well as Sandshrew, which should be super effective against every one of this mons.

Phanpy can also be found on routes 45 and 46!

Sandshrew and Phanpy can't learn any ground attacks until Victory Road, and Cubone is very expensive. Geodude is  a lot easier to catch and use.
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You can have your Slowpoke use confusion against Morty or get a Graveler and have it use magnitude.