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Some people thinks it's "e-vil-tal" but I think it's "yu-vel-tal"

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Ye vel tol is how i do it

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Or otherwise, ee-VELL-tall. The hard /i/ sound most likely comes from the English word 'evil', which the Pokemon is partially based upon. The stress is peculiar though.

The notation I used is called IPA, which you can convert to speech using a tool like this. Your own pronunciation might vary due to accent -- personally, I drop the last vowel sound entirely.

The pronunciation was confimed by TPC on Twitter.

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You should probably note that only Japanese' Pokémon names can be pronounced 'correct'. Since Japanese is the country Pokémon has came from, there are official pronounciations. But English names that aren't the same as there Japanese name can be pronounced pretty randomly. Unless the name is very close to a real life animals name/myth without that animal being mixed with another object (ape + shape but then that the accents are different) and that the animal/myth has an official pronounciation in English. Or that the word only is in that language and that language is that and that. You know
But the Pokémon Company stated the correct pronunciation. I’m not sure what you’re saying.
It was also confirmed in the dlexue handbook
I meant other Pokémon names.
Like Incineroar, you can pronounce it however you want, but Yveltal has only one correct pronounciation.