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So I am trying to get a nature I want on egg mons, and neither parent has a good nature, so yeah.
Is there an easier way of getting the nature?
I am hatching psuedo legend eggs and they take a long time to hatch, so I need the nature quickly.

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The only way to find out it's Nature before it hatches is through hacking.
First, you should try to get a parent with the nature you want.
There's a thing called swap breeding that lets players see the natures, hidden power types, etc. that their Pokemon will have without actually having to breed those Pokemon. It works in SM and maybe USM.

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  1. See if you have a Ditto of the nature you want. If you don't, but the nature you're looking for is Bold, Jolly, Adamant, Modest or Timid, you can easily get a Ditto of that nature with the Ditto Five sidequest if you're in USUM.

  2. See if you have a male Pokemon of the same egg group with the nature you want.

  3. See if you have a Pokemon with Synchronize and the nature you want and use it to help you catch a Ditto or male Pokemon with the nature you want.

  4. I would recommend not doing this one, but as a last resort, you can try egg-swapping. Due to a glitch, in Gen 7, all eggs the game will ever generate are pre-determined. Because of this, an exploit called egg-swapping is possible. Get a Magikarp to breed (it requires the least amount of steps to hatch in the game), save before depositing it in the day care, breed it until you get one with the nature you want (count how many eggs it takes), reset your game, deposit the Pokemon you actually want to breed into the day care, then you only have to actually hatch the one with the right nature, which will appear on the same egg as it did for Magikarp.

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So like...If I get a shiny at one spot, due to egg-swapping i can get the shiny of another?
Yes, in fact, it's more often called shiny-swapping because shinyhunting is what it's mainly used for, but it can also be used for natures and, to an extent, IVs. Although keep in mind that if you save after the day care finds the shiny egg, you can't swap onto another Pokemon. Also, you can't go from Masuda Method to non-Masuda (I'm 99% sure you can go from non-MM to MM, though).