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I resurrected a Kabuto in cinnabar and I want to use him against the elite four

Teach Kabuto surf, make sure the exp. all is in your bag, and use Kabuto against the trainers in the Pokemon Mansion.
By the way, why are you using Kabuto when there are so many better water Pokemon, like Omastar, Dewgong, Cloyster, Starmie, Tentacruel, and Vaporeon?
Dude.His fav pokemon is probably kabutopsbased on his name
I would say voctory road. Kabuto is water type after all, and all the pkmnin vocotory road are water
Can you please fix your typos? Your comments are starting to not make sense.
@Kabutops Are you already past Victory Road? If not, where in the game are you?
Does the previous comment count as a clarifying question that was never answered?
No, it is reasonable to give an answer for both alternatives if you wanted. For convenience we'll just assume yes because this person is banned.

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The Kabutops person will probably never answer our clarifying questions, so I guess I can assume that he/she/it is already past Victory Road. This is what he/she/it should do.

Make sure Kabuto(ps) knows surf and a strong normal attack. Body slam is best, but slash will work if you can't teach it body slam for whatever reason.
Make sure Kabuto(ps) is the first Pokemon in the party.
Fight the Elite 4 until Kabuto(ps) grows to a high enough level. This goes faster if you let Kabuto(ps) fight more Pokemon by itself.

You may want to have the exp. all in the bag. Note that if it is, and more than one of your Pokemon participates in defeating an opponent, then some experience will be lost.

He is banned so /:
So I'm just taking this off the unanswered list.