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I was just wandering, since I recently received a cloned shiny Pokemon, if it will evolve and stay shiny or not? I don't want to risk it in case it does not evolve shiny. Thank you!

Unless the cloning method you're using is really weird and badly corrupts something, it should react exactly like a regular Pokémon, and stay shiny after evolution. I'm not aware of any cloning methods that would affect shininess like this, but then again, I don't really know any Gen VII cloning methods at all, so I guess it's a possibility (although I doubt it). If you want to be safe, you could save your game before evolving the Pokémon and reset if anything bad happens.
Everything is fine.
Man up and find and catch your shinies. That’s what makes them truly special

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A shiny Pokemon evolves into shiny.
For example if I evolve a shiny ratata it will become a shiny raticate when it evolves
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Also how do you clone in USUM?

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