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Would this be good for a staraptor

item:life orb

double edge
brave bird
close combat(where double edge or brave bird are not very effective)

my idea is to use double edge or brave bird then use roost to heal

am I taking it to far with the recoil;would it kill itself before it had a chance to use roost??

I wanted same one

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This is a good moveset except for Roost,Staraptor is very frail,so it doesn't have high Defense Stats (Def and Sp.Def). Roost can be replaced by Quick Attack for a STAB Priority,U-Turn for escape and Coverage,or Pursuit.

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No Psychic-types will be scared of Staraptor, so Pursuit probably isn't best. U-Turn is probably the best if you're weak and you wanna kamikaze an opponent later.
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The Moveset is execellent you should really keep it up. And No you are taking the recoil just fine

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This is a good move set as a sweeper and powerful stab moves and roost will do nicely, honestly for staraptor A+ move set

Sorry but roost isnt worth it on staraptor, he has terrible defenses.
staraptor is so a suicide pokemon
No it's a Sacrifice Pokemon