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How do I transfer mew from my AS game to Pokémon USUM/SM to get the z crystal? I JUST need the mew z crystal and I have all of them for USUM? Can anyone help a stubburn completionest out?!...

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From what I can see is that I might be able to, I just need to create a poke bank account to try.

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I don't know how you plan on getting the Z-Crystal but, there are two methods

  1. Use Pokémon Bank to get an event with Mew's Z-Crystal, though the event started on January 25, 2017 and ended October 2 2017.

  2. Go to Heahea City with a Mew (USUM) and there will be somebody I think in a building somewhere, if you talk to the person with a Mew, you will get the Z-Crystal.

Method 2 also works for Marshadow, Snorlax, and other event Z-Crystals. Keep in mind you need Pokémon Bank to transfer.

I have a mew in my alpha sapphire game and want to transfer it to my ultra moon game to get the z crystal. can I transfer it to Poké bank from my alpha sapphire to my ultra moon is my question.
...Of course, that's the point of Poké Bank.

Note that you CANNOT transfer your Mew back to AS.