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so just caught a gentle Heatran has perfect IVs for att,spa,spD,and speed I see his special defence stats is in the hundreds so is he viable at all competitive wise?

The truth is that you’re never going to get competitively-optimised Pokémon by chancing random encounters. If you want to enter competitive Pokémon, you need to breed and/or plan specifically for it.
Heatran itself is good in competitive; however, correct Natures are essential for the best competitive Pokémon. Most people who catch Legendaries soft reset until they get the correct nature (and use the ability Synchronize) to catch ones with the Right nature. :P

Gentle Heatran may work to some extent, but it will have even more trouble handling Physical Attacks than a Calm Heatran. :P
What format?

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Competitively speaking, I don't think gentle is a good nature for any Pokémon, ever, regardless of its role. But natures only offer a 1.1 / 0.9 multiplier to the affected stats, so if you EV train it right and give it a good moveset, it should still be fine, albeit at a slight disadvantage. Just don't use it in a really serious competitive environment.

Here are some recommended moveset options for Heatran.

Are you really recommending something with both fire blast and overheat?