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I recently restarted Pokémon Ultra Sun. My stater is Litten. However, I also want to use a Salazzle. The first time I played it I had a pretty crappy team; Decidueye, Butterfree, Lycanroc, Zoroark, Mawile, and Dewgong. Would it be worth it to use two fire types because I want to use them both?

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I dont think so. Litten is much better BTW
I don't really think it matters for an in-game team. I used two fire types on my in-game team (Arcanine and A-Marowak) and didn't have much trouble.
K, thanks. I'll take both of these into consideration.
Almost anything will work, but using one fire Pokemon and one empty slot will make your team significantly more overleveled.
@sumwun, we r talking about USUM — you are always over leveled xD

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There is no problem. I used charizard and ninetails on Let's go with no problem. while that's signifigantly easier than USUM, there's no problem with doing it in most modern "casually inclined" Pokemon games, and the fact that uncineror and salazzle both have interesting second types can still help your team's type variety and spread.

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