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the device I use can't get reddit nor can it load it via google. so I wonder if there is a forum that does specificly usum trades, the pokebase chat is inactive and I have alot of Pokemon I want to trade and alot I desire to obtain. so I want to find a good trade forum that isn't reddit. any suggestions?

Have you considered joining Bulbagarden or Smogon?
Maybe try Amino?
Thanks for the flag -- this is fine to me.
try joining the sites or bulbapedias Discord
Bulbagarden is the best, but I use GameFAQs a lot of the time.

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If you want a live response, your best bet is the WiFi room on Pokémon Showdown. I have made many successful trades in here. Make a request in chat but don't spam it incessantly. They do have some rules that you have to respect.

Wait, what device are you using? Can you clarify? If you can't load reddit, you might not get Showdown either.

If moderation determines this isn't helpful my answer can be converted to a comment.

im using a 2dsxl..... not kiddimg either, have been called out just to have me prove it, witch i did.
Oh, then don't bother. There's not one that's usable. That browser is pathetic. Please use a PC or your phone.