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I am confusion. Pokemon explain.

Pretty much the same way you shiny hunt every other roamer
I want tips on how to, since I might get the game
You are a special psychic attack.

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  1. Before you start the roaming process, save at fullmoon island.
  2. Track cresselia with the marking map until you encounter it.
  3. When you encounter cresselia and it's not shiny, soft reset the game.
  4. Keep doing 1-3 until cresselia decides to shine.
  5. When cresselia shines, you can let her run away as she'll stay shiny. Save afterwards.
  6. Catch her

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In my opinion, it would be easier to hunt cresselia in B2W2, as you can easily soft reset without having to do the roaming process

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I think BW2 has the shiny charm, which also makes shiny hunting easier.
But some people prefer to hunt with full odds(no charm), making the shiny more valuable