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In Ultra Moon, we can catch the starters from gen 1-6 in the wild, using island scan and put them in any balls we want. But I'm pretty sure that I saw a Litten, which can't be caught, in a premier ball in GTS. Is it possible?

I believe that in Japan there were "special events" that allowed them to catch a Gen 7 Starter in the wild. Since they'd be able to breed those starters, you could technically have a Gen 7 starter in almost every ball legitimately. I think the three Poké Balls that you should worry a Gen 7 starter is in are a Cherish Ball, Dream Ball, and Master Ball if they aren't Japanese, because Master balls and Cherish balls don't pass down via Breeding (and I don't think the starters have been released in Cherish balls), and Dream ball is pretty impossible. :P
The only event I can find for the Gen 7 starters is the one with their HAs, which still had them all in standard Pokeballs. I can't find anything on a Japanese event that allowed you to catch them yourself.

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At least in the United States, Europe, and in most parts of the world, no. This picture explains how breeding with balls work:

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I know how the ball works in breeding, that's why I was confused when I saw that Litten XD
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Yes. When breeding, the female Pokemon passes down its pokeball if the male is a different species (if they are the same, it is an equal chance from each parent). For example, a male Incineroar bred with a female Mudsdale which is in a Net Ball will give birth to a male/female Litten/Mudbray in a Net Ball. This trick does not work for Master Balls or Cherish Balls.

Source: Bulbapedia

Female Pokémon cannot produce any other species then themselves while breeding. Pokéballs are only passed down if the parent that has one is the same species as the offspring. :P
That is not how it works. The male had to be the same Pokémon the female for it to be able to pass down its ball to the offspring