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So iḿ doing a shiny nuzlocke challenge in Ultra Moon and couldn't decide whether to use my shiny Koffing or shiny Swirlix for the rest of the game. What do yall think would be better off for my team? Would like to hear your opinions. (Also, if your wondering how I got all these shiny Pokemon that aren't in the game, I masuda method breeded some of my favorite Pokemon from the GTS from Ultra Sun and traded them over to Ultra Moon at the first Pokemon Center.)


Shiny: Yes
Gender: Female
Lvl 1
Nature: Jolly
Characteristic: Alert to sounds


Shiny: Yes
Gender: Female
Lvl 1
Nature: Careful
Characteristic: Impetuous and silly

My shiny team so far:


Opinions do matter, (personally iḿ leaning a bit towards Koffing, but not sure.)

Koffing is alright
You have anyone to evolve the slurpuff?
Yes, I have 2 3Dsś to evolve all trade Pokemon

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My edge is personally going to Koffing for its defensive utility and decent movepool. It has apparent flaws, of course; it matches up poorly against many of the important battles and trials and Poison isn't the best offensive type, but defensively it's a great physical wall and something your team lacks; a Ground immunity and a Fighting resistance (excluding Pumpkaboo).

Swirlix is infinitely better in the early game because of how early you can evolve it, but its Achilles' heel has got to be in movepool. Hope you like Fairy Wind, because you're stuck with it for STAB until Draining Kiss at Level 31 or Play Rough at level 49. You aren't getting the Dazzling Gleam TM early, either. On top of this, its thoroughly mediocre stats leave it liable to falling off by late game. There's better Fairy types out there, but it's far from your worst choice and you could still do well with it. Koffing has movepool issues too, especially if you hate having to grind with Smog until Level 15 for an actual STAB move.

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