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Who is better? Not just stat wise but moves, abilities, stats, and opinions.

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Slaking has double the attack of Vigoroth, so his ability of not being able to attack every other turn doesn't really make a difference.

In addition, Slaking's other stats are higher and he has a better movepool, therefore statistically he's the best!

The main problem is that with the ability he is very predictable and your opponents could just protect on alternate turns and hit you when he's resting.

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One sentence :- Skill Swap in a Double battle
Or gastro acid by it's partner but it would be even better if you skill swapped with the opponent in single battle.
Meh go with vigoroth if ur gonna fight ur friends
In game; slaking
Wait, Eviolite, ehh not much of a difference
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Well Slaking is stronger stat wise and move wise in my opinion, but he has his ability which makes him not do anything every other turn

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Well, Slacking is one of the strongest Pokemon around, I mean, it literally is stronger then some legendaries. The problem is, its ability pretty much cuts all its stats in half, depending on how you look at it, and Vigoroth doesn't have that ability. In my opinion, neither learn any very good moves, except Slaking's hammer arm, but thats just me. Overall, neither is a very good fighter, but for filling your pokedex, go with Slacking.

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Slaking is the strongest none legendary/mega evolution