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i used a water type move and it seems the ability won't work at all so I want to know how this ability works

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why would an ability given to a Pokémon ever not work? (unless you glitch/hack) :P
It does work, it just doesn't say anything like "Torrent activates."

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Yes it does work. Why would an ability given to starters not work?

Generations III to IV
When a Pokémon with Torrent uses a Water-type move, the move's power will be increased by 50% if the user has less than or equal to ⅓ of its maximum HP remaining.

Generations V onwards
Instead of boosting Water-type moves' power, Torrent now technically boosts the Pokémon's Attack or Special Attack by 50% during damage calculation if a Water-type move is being used, resulting in effectively the same effect.


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