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This cutie's moveset is the following:

  • Liquidation (STAB+Defense lowering)
  • Venoshock (STAB+powered up by poisoning (provided by a Salazzle's Toxic) and his Merciless ability)
  • Recover (HP regeneration)
  • Baneful Bunker (Protection+chance to poison)
Dont do it.
This is one of the worst decisions ever
What do you want to use this Toxapex for?

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It isn't worth teaching Blizzard to a Pokemon with a measly base 53 special attack, especially when you're running a staller set. And I would replace Liquidation with Scald, as burns from it would improve Toxapex's defensive bulk

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It's not worth it to put Blizzard on your Toxapex. There are a few small changes you should consider though.
First of all, since you have Venoshock which is a special move, you should replace Liquidation with Surf or Hydro Pump since they are also special attacks while Liquidation is physical.
Second of all, Baneful Bunker inflicts poison on the target if it touches Toxapex directly. Therefore, you do not need to have Salazzle do this for you.
This is all I would recommend since you are running a wall kind of set.

Scald is the best water move for pex
I disagree because if you want the opponent to be poisoned by baneful bunker, then you cannot have them be burned at the same time or it will not work.
Sorry if this sounds rude, I am just annoyed by people using Toxapex as more of a Tank, and without Regnerator. :P

You typically should just Poison whatever Toxapex needs Poisoned with Toxic, and Burn is for literally every physical attacker that threatens Toxapex. So long as you play intelligently and sometimes predict, Burning something that you'd rather Poison shouldn't be a problem. Baneful Bunker is bad because Toxapex doesn't need a protection move to Poison, Baneful Bunker only poisons contact attackers, and to add salt to the wound, it doesn't Badly Poison. Venoshock+Merciless is useless due to both of Toxapex's attack stats being below 60. :P

TL;DR your better off using an actual special attacker instead of making a Wall do a Tank's job. :P
thnx staka.
Toxapex @ Black Sludge
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Scald
- Haze
- Recover
- Toxic/toxic spikes/knock off
this is the smogon set
Yeah, I don't use that set on Toxapex personally. I also run a wall set, but I was changing to the wishes of the asking. This is the set I run on Toxapex...
Toxapex @ Black Sludge
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 252 Atk 252 SpA 4 HP
Bold Nature