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My current team decided is
-Lucario (one of my favorite Pokemon, fighting type, awesome speed)
-Excadrill (also one of my favorite Pokemon, pretty early catch, durable, good move set)
-Volcarona (Great fire and bug type, sweeper with quiver dance)

-Serperior (starter, I used oshawott in my replay of Black and I already wanted to use lucario so no emboar)

So what should my 5th and 6th Pokemon be? Preferably catchable before or right after beating Clays gym.

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I used Zebstrika because it looks cool(and also it’s good against Water/flying types). Also you can get Zoura, before or after clays gym I forgot but Zoroark is very cool.
And how do you have Volcarona if you are still on Clay?
You can get volcarona in the relic castle after defeating clay
Teams of 4 are often easier to use than teams of 6. If you still want 6 Pokemon, then I'd suggest Cinccino and Sigilyph. The skill link boosted tail slaps are kind of overpowered.

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Need an ice type as the champion has a 3 dragon types . Take the volcarona out. Because you can get a litwick at the celestial tower and can carry you through the first two elite four members .need a flying type for the last elite four member . I suggest Beartic ,Chandelure and Swanna.

If you like this and reply I will give you the Moveset

Sigilyph is a better flying Pokemon that Swanna, and Beartic comes so late that it's probably easier to defeat all the dragons without ice attacks.
Thank you was gonna edit mine. I was gonna tell to Get a flygon for the the dragon types ignore two grounds because ground types do really well in unova . as for swanna it can learn fly and surf. Anyway thanks for the comment
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I suggest Haxorus with the ability Mold Breaker, because if you put Earthquake on it you can hit Elektross, since Mold Breaker allows moves to hit ignoring abilities, so Elektross has levitate, you can tale it down with Earthquake. Some other moves I would use with Haxorus are, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Dragon Pulse, and Strength/Brick Break, and I say strength, because I don't use HM Slaves.

I don't think any strong opponents use Eelektross, and the occasional regular trainer's Eelektross can easily die from neutrally effective attacks.
True sumwun
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  1. Swanna. Moveset: surf (strong water type moves and crucial for your journey), ice beam (strong ice-type moves with high-accuracy), (hurricane: if swanna has more sp. attack than attack) or (brave bird: if swanna has more attack than sp. attack), fly (strong flying type moves and crucial for your journey). Nature: hasty or naive

  2. Eelektross. Moveset: thunderbolt (strong electric-type moves with high-accuracy), crunch (my favorite dark-type moves, strong power, high-accuracy, may lower your opponent's defense, it will be very crucial when you facing Shauntal and Caitlin), wild charge (strong electric-type moves with high-accuracy), coil (will boost attack, defense, and accuracy by one stage each). Nature: brave