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I have a competitive cloyster, but I don't know what item to put on it.

Just in case it helps, it's moves are
-razor shell
-Icicle spear
-shell smash

Also its ability is skill link with EVS in attack and speed. Thanks in advance

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What format?
If this is singles, then Focus Sash is probably the way to go as it's standard for almost all Shell Smash sets.
Why not Nevermelt Ice it can power up the ice type moves.

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I'd personally put a focus sash on cloyster because when you shell smash you're open to be hit by any attack and although cloyster has outstanding defense, it's special defense isn't as remarkable plus it's already lowerd by the shell smash. Focus sash makes sure the cloyster doesn't get KOd and then you can proceed to sweep the opposing team.