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I see people trading shiny Jirachi for Zigzagoon. Except Zigzagoon needs to be gender "back" and level "male". Not even joking, how do I match my Zigzagoon to fit the requirements.

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You actually think you can do that?
Dude I’ve seen people put that. Go open up OrAS and search Arceus if you don’t believe me.
100% sure they hacked it. And if I were you, I wouldn't dare trade for a hacked mon
Why? Hacked mons are dope. I check the hack by putting it in the poke bank, so it’s totally safe.
not saying they're dangerous, but in my opinion I feel that hacked mons are just not right to use in a battle. But if you prefer using them, then it's ok.
and to fully answer your question, the traders just want to tease you. It's impossible to trade that type of ZIgzagoon without hacking
Please try to ask a direct question using your main title. Your original title hardly made sense, so I changed it to the question you asked in the description. You can change that if it isn't what you want.
And to everyone looking on, yes the GTS in Gen 6 can be exploited to make entries contain false information.

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According to Showdown!'s team validator, Pokemon levels need to be numbers. So no.