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I think I got a glitched Pokemon in Moon through trade. It is a lvl. 100 Diancie with the OT ITSK33N.TV E , I also got a lvl. 100 Hoopa with the same OT.

I also got a shiny Meloetta, lvl. 100 with the OT ShinyGTS.com.

I'm thinking they are probably hacked...along with the Gold bottle caps and mega stones that came with them. What happens if you use these Pokemon in online battles?

Thank you.

if you got a pokemon with the OT "ShinyGTS.com" (redirects to a twitch channel called PokeNursery) you might get rid of that, yep the player with this name "ShinyGTS.com" always trade their hacked mons to people and cannot be used in the battle spot i got a hoopa with this OT too and it is hacked so i released it right away so if you got a pokemon with this OT release it right away because it is hacked
ITSK33N.TV is also a known hacker. In general, if the OT name looks like a url (.TV and .YTUBE are the most common endings in my experience), then it’s almost definitely a streamer sending out hacked Pokémon.
Also, you don't have to release hacked Pokemon as suggested previously. They will not harm you or your game by existing. Release them if they bother you, but all the supposed consequences for receiving a hacked Pokemon are all myths.
Fake news

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You Pokemon are totally hacked but...It’s fine. I myself use hacked Pokémon online. The reason is:

If it’s poorly hacked, it won’t be allowed online and hence you won’t need to worry about getting in trouble for using it.

If it does work and is accepted online, then there is no problem as the game hack check approves it as legal.

For a play through(no WiFi) go ahead.

I got around a hundred hacked Pokémon from Mitsuki.TV and they all work (excluding the Matshadow).