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Hi all

I know there are a lot of previous questions on this topic, but none of the answers have been satisfactory for me.

on this Bulbapedia page, they explain the damage calculation formula and give an example of a lvl. 75 Glaceon (123 ATK) attacking a Garchomp (163 DEF) with Ice Fang (65 POWER).

Using the formula, the answer I get for a Max non-crit hit is 198, but their answer is 196.
Is there something I am missing? How do you more precisely calculate damage?

So flowing the damage formula on Bulbapedia my equation is:
((((2 75 / 5) + 2) 65 123 / 163) / 50) + 2 = 33.39141104
The answer is then multiplied by the modifier which is [5.10 , 6.00] depending on the random number used.
So at max it would be: 33
6 = 198
But on the site it is stated to be [168, 196]
So I would just like to know if I am doing something wrong, or why it does not match the site.

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Is there much more you could describe about how you reached the result 196? This would be easier to answer with more explanation of your process.
I did edit it to maybe shed some more light.
You probably made some rounding errors. Damage rounding is extremely complex.
Also asterisks make italic text. To make answers display a "*", you need to type "\*".

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This is a damage calculation sheet that captures every nitty-gritty detail. If you save a copy of it, you can play around with the figures and modifiers to your heart's content, but basically in this case, you roll for the random number first, then round down, then apply STAB, then round down again, and finally apply the type matchup. There are some things that get grouped together as what Bulbapedia calls "Modifier" and multiplied in near the end, but none of those three factors fall within it.

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Thank you very much for the sheet, it helps a lot.