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I get hacked wonder trade Pokemon a lot

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Yes. Hacked Pokemon can also sometimes be considered legal by the game too
No he means are they legit if they are bred from hacked mons i think.
Is this for a certain battling format or for the general "hack" definition?
no i want legit ha's
So basically you want to breed ha wonder trade pokemon to get legit ones.
What do you want to do with these Pokemon? Do you want to trade them or battle with them? If you want to battle, what format?
He just wants to know are they legit.
I’m not sure if Game Freak has ever made an official stance on this, and I know that a lot of people will consider the offspring of hacked Pokémon legit. I personally take a pretty hard stance against using hacked parents, although I know I’m in the minority.
Different people (and different automatic hack checkers) have different definitions of "legit". So I can't tell whether a Pokemon is "legit" until I know which definition you're using. I personally only care about being theoretically possible to obtain without hacking or glitch abuse, but you might disagree.

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Yep, they are definitely legit.
The game keeps no track of parent Pokemon, so you can do everything you do with a legit Pokemon with the child too. As long as the baby has no features it cannot get through normal gameplay, it will be considered legitimate.
On the other hand, if by 'legit' you mean considered fair, the child doesn't fit the definition of legit here. This is because breeding a hacked Pokemon generally gives the advantage of easily obtaining better IV values on the bred Pokemon.
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It depends on whether you can acquire said baby Pokemon legitimately. If you have a final evolution Pokemon at Level 5 for example, it almost certainly won't be able to go through the Pokemon Bank, or similar features of modern Pokemon games with hack checks. If you get a baby Snivy that knows Flamethrower, which is a move Snivy cannot legitimately learn under any circumstances, it will be banned from official tournaments and be unable to go through the Bank like the final evolution Pokemon. Just make sure that the baby Pokemon has abilities, moves, etc. that it can have through normal gameplay, and you should be fine.

Uh no you should not answer when you have nothing to add he wants to breed hacked wonder ha pokemon and get legit ones.
Except the answer does have something to add? The last line of the answer says that so long as the baby has no features it cannot get through normal gameplay, it will be considered legitimate. That is precisely the information requested by the question.
The point is that he is just breeding he is not hacking anything if he had ha snivy with flamethrower he would breed and release.
Ilegal moves are not bred on to pokemon I would release a Famethrower Snivy I only breed legal hacked pokemon. Also i want to know are they legit not legal.