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I am fairly new to the tcg, but I have a couple of Pokemon detective pikachu cards and have noticed a couple of my holo cards have a silver star next to the number. I know that a star means rare, but have only seen solid black ones not holo silver.

This Charizard (Detective Pikachu 005) is an example of a card with the silver star next to its number.


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Can you show us a picture?
How do I do that?
Take a picture using your phone (or some other means), and upload it to an image sharing site like Imgur. You can then edit the image into the post, or link us to it so we can add it for you.
You could also post it into discord, copy the link to the image, and place it here.
@blackace yes that's it.
Also *She*
I updated the question to ensure it's fine. I did some research, and it seems the silver star bears a consistent rarity across different expansions, but I couldn't explain why this sometimes indicates a GX card and sometimes doesn't.
Thank you, I guess it's a thing for the detective pikachu cards?
The star represents a rare card. Usually when a card has a higher rarity than other rare cards (like a regular rare card vs an EX, GX, etc.) the star is silver. To be honest, I’m not entirely sure why they do this, but I think it has something to do with a card being very rare or special. Hope this helped! :)

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This is an old question and it was answered in the comments, but I just wanted to weigh in.

The promo detective pikachu tcg cards are their own subset. The super rare cards have a silver star, and the regular rare cards have a black star (or circle, for commons).

~ Rio