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i was wondering if someone has successfully traded gen III Golem with mega kick. I want to have alolan golem with that move.

I can help you get a Mega Kick Alolan Golem.
how? i tried to do a breeding but i cant understand why alolan and regular golem are not breeding
I can get you one, same way I can get you a Hydro Cannon Charizard.

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You can transfer a mega kick Golem from a Generation 1 game on VC or from a Generation 3 game. You can't get a mega kick Alolan Golem, though.

after transfer can i breed them to get it or it will not be an egg move. after breeding many time i still get alolan geodude without mega kick might be only transfered ones have it.. so alolan can have it
No, that won't work as the answer says.
Mega kick isn't an egg move for Geodude.