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Singles format.
Gen 6.

BST(Base Stat Total) included, Movepool, Abilities. Generally what will work best in competitive.

Don’t include Arceus.

Also No mega evolutions. This is for a fun competive team.

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Gengar and Amoongus were in OU in Gen 6
Why do you keep saying no Silvally and no Ultra Beasts when you already said you're playing Generation 6?
I was copying from a question somewhere else.
Mega Gengar and Naganadel are the only Poison types in Uber, and there isnt a single Poison type excpet for Toxapex in OU.
The question says "gen 6".
and no megas
That's exactly my point...
Why did you mention Toxapex and Naganadel?
Because those are the only viable pokemon in the competitive scene and they're gen 7 so your options are very limited in gen 6, I figured you'd be able to deduce that from my comment
You do realize that some Pokemon have different viabilities in different generations, right? Pokemon that are trash in Generation 7 can be good in Generation 6.
Such as?
Gengar and Amoonguss. also Starmie, Hippowdon, Thundurus, and Talonflame

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It's hard to award a single Pokémon the title of "best" of any type, role, or stats, since each performs different roles with different strengths and weaknesses. However, in general terms, you'd probably be best choosing between Gengar, Amoonguss, and Scolipede.

-Gengar has phenomenal offensive presence. It has a solid movepool, amazing Speed and Special Attack stats, and great stats.
-Gengar typically fills the role of special sweeper. Whether it's used early-game to punch holes or late-game to clean up the opposing team, it'll be using special moves.
-Not a whole lot in Generation 6 can come in on Gengar easily. For the Pokémon that can do that, you'll have the rest of your team.
-Gengar has pretty great synergy with a lot of other strong Pokémon available in Generation 6.

-Amoonguss has access to Regenerator, phenomenal bulk, and a great defensive typing. It's very difficult to kill.
-Amoonguss comes with Spore, a great move to have that lulls the opponent to sleep 100% of the time if they don't have Overcoat, Safety Goggles, or aren't Grass-type.
-Amoonguss has access to a variety of support and recovery moves, like Clear Smog and Synthesis.
-Amoonguss has reliable STAB moves in Giga Drain and Sludge Bomb and can also effectively run Hidden Power Fire in order to aid in its reliability as a wall. It's able to fire back against things that come in against it.
-If you need a solid bulky Pokémon in your team, Amoonguss is the Poison-type Pokémon to go with. Make sure you have other Pokémon to help cover its weaknesses, though!

-Scolipede is a formidable Poison-type setup sweeper. It has great Speed and Attack, an amazing Ability in Speed Boost, strong STABs in Megahorn and Poison Jab, and decent coverage options.
-It takes a bit more support, but Scolipede is capable of running through teams once it has Attack and Speed Boosts stacked up. Just make sure things like Skarmory are out of the picture before you try to set up.

Hopefully this helped. It's always hard to pick out a Pokémon for a team without seeing the team itself, but I'm sure you know what you're looking for.

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I don't think Scolipede belongs here with Gengar and Amoonguss. A lot of poison, ghost, and steel Pokemon, as well as Landorus and Gliscor, can wall Scolipede pretty easily. Scolipede is outclassed by Volcarona, which has much better offensive typing and stats.
This is true, but Scolipede is able to attack physically, so I thought I'd include it nonetheless. Plus, any team can build around it if it needs to.
A lot of Pokemon can have teams built around them. How is Scolipede better than the other obscure poisons, like Nidoking or Tentacruel?