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When I play Pokemon, my battle style is to spam strong moves with a type advantage; I rarely use status moves. But what actually is the best? The options are:
Spam strong moves with type advantages,
Use status moves like Poison Spikes and Protect to be really annoying, and
Have a mix to boost your stats then use your buffed moves to destroy everything.
P.S: Could you also name the best Pokemon you think is good at each playing style?

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I edited the question slightly so it's more answerable. There isn't an overarching 'best battle style' for any particular metagame, and much less the entirety of Pokemon in general. However, effective teambuilding theory does exist, and is important in competitive play.
What format?
Depends on format, and Pokemon. Sounds like your playstyle is hardcore HO.
your options are too vague to qualify as "battle styles." A good summary of different playstyles can be found here https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/268052/types-of-teams-in-competitive-play.
Assuming you're playing the current generation, there usually is no best playstyle. If you always try to spam super effective attacks, then you lose to defensive status move users that know which attacks you use and switch in Pokemon that aren't weak to them. If you use defensive status move users, then you lose to U-turn spammers who can see what your weaknesses are and then switch in a Pokemon that checks yours.
Okay, thanks. I was just wondering if I suck a Pokemon completely or not.

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Depends on what Pokémon you are using.

Using super effective strong moves (Like Mewtwo spamming energy ball on Gyarados, or Ice Beam on Garchomp), is good for dealing quickly with Pokémon that set up.

However you may prefer to use Pokemon with less diverse movesets (Not naming any names, but (Filler).

Status moves are mainly used to cripple these super strong Pokémon. So...

Basically it all comes down to what you and your opponent are using.

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If you just want us to answer between the two of them then I would have to go with spamming suppereffective moves. Status moves are good to use when you’re Pokemon can last longer and afford to take damage while they buff themselves up/wear down the opposing Pokemon, but if you want to win effectively just use your attacks. You can’t really go wrong by using super effective moves, especially if they are STAB, status moves like toxic are useful but with a lower chance of working (without items), protect fails in succession so if your Pokemon has low Defense and isn’t fast you’re doomed, and spikes is not really that useful (in my opinion). Although this is all on the basis of the games, I don’t know if you meant competitive, that would be good to mix them up.

If you want a Pokemon that can spam strong moves with type advanteges I would go with a strong normal type (like snorlax), that can learn a lot of move types e.g. brick break, psychic, ice punch etc. or a Pokemon like gardevoir who can learn a range of moves and give you that STAB boost using their own type moves.

If you want a Pokemon that can effectively use status moves like protect effectively I would go with a speedy Pokemon who can strike straight after protecting and is strong enough to knock the opposing Pokemon out or a highly defensive/high hp Pokemon that can easily take a hit. I would reccommend for this method snorlax (again, but high hp, good attack/Defense, and is very unlikely to fall in one move) or blissed (another Pokemon with high hp/defense) and while blissed has a low attack and special attack it has a high enough ho to get in a toxic, protect itself and wear down the opponents Pokemon enough to make your win easier for the next Pokemon.

I hope this helped, i’m Unsure if you meant when battling competitive or in the games, but i’m Assuming the games. If you meant competitive then neither of these are really ‘strategies’, but are effective nonetheless.
Happy gaming!

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